Capt. Rick Dostal, sculptor

Front of Oyster Back of Oyster Black & White Pearls in Oyster The Lovers Oyster

The original, for-adults-only locket. A beautiful, natural-looking oyster outside and a beautiful, natural scene inside. Everyone loves this design and everyone has a big smile when they open this locket! Picture shows natural patina.

I've added two new, sweeter designs:

Sterling Silver 0yster (925). Two beautiful halves also cast with the "lost wax" casting method and designed to open to show off the secret within.

Open the locket and you'll find what nature intended, a beautiful pearl on each side! These are 7mm, AAA grade, freshwater pearls, and are available in either natural pearl white or black. Or let your yin and yang out with one of each!

Or your luck is good. This one has a pearl on one "halfshell" and a sterling silver turtle on the other!

Approximately 1 1/8" by 7/8"

All designs come with sterling silver bail and waxed linen cord.


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Black & White pearls in Oyster

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